Apple XR

Although Apple keeps it secret, the company is known to work on VR and AR technologies. According to DigiTimes, Apple is nearing the end for its mixed reality (XR) headset. The product, which is stated to be produced in limited numbers at the first stage, will appear in the commercial market.

Apple mixed reality (XR) headset may debut in 2023
Apple, which has been working on augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality products for several years, faced some technical problems. The XR title, which is claimed to be introduced in 2022, has been postponed to the next year due to the disruptions.

A new report has been published on Apple’s mixed reality device. It is stated in the report that production will start in March 2023, and it will be introduced in April. It is thought that the initial production is very limited and Apple will present its new product with a high price tag.

Previous estimates had said that the annual shipment of the device would reach 2.5 million units. However, according to the leaked information, it is certain that the annual shipment will be in the range of approximately 700 to 800 thousand.

Renowned analyst Kuo suggested that pre-orders won’t start until the second quarter of 2023 and that shipments will begin until WWDC in June. DigiTimes’ report today bears significant resemblance to the details announced by Kuo.

Despite the low profitability in the production of the first headset, it is stated that Apple’s production partners are willing to work on the realized project. Companies that want to prove their technical proficiency can quickly solve their financial problems thanks to Apple’s brand awareness.